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Your Story | Founder of Aerin Dree Dan Lee

‘Your Story’ is a collaboration between SquareFixed Photography (@squarefixedphotography), alongside various creative individuals in Singapore, in hope to spread more awareness of the local art scene and to inspire more individuals on their creative journey.

This week’s feature is Dan Lee; founder of Aerin Dree, a local fashion brand. Dan is someone who is hardworking, driven and also someone who is immensely enthused by the world of fashion. We did an outdoor shoot at Kranji War Memorial, located at Woodlands Road. Let's get to know more about Dan with his interview below.

How did you start your journey?

I started out by helping people with their wardrobe back then. I would go through what they like and what suits their body type and colour tones. I learnt from fashion documentaries/magazines, previously worked in H&M and Loewe for experience. Until one person pop up a question of why not create my own fashion label instead and the rest is history.

How do you feel about the current state of the fashion industry in Singapore?

I feel that the general audience is practical, due to the hot climate that we have in Singapore. Moreover, they keep it safe in terms of colours and styles. But with recent trends and platforms, I think people are starting to accept individuality and became more adventurous in their fashion pursuits.

What does your brand Aerin Dree mean?

I stumbled upon these two words when I was reading up materials for Fashion. “Aerin” means enlightened, or prosper. “Dree” means to endure, or suffer. I think in life as human for us to be enlightened, we have to suffer or endure in order to find peace or to be contented.

How did you manage to find your customers?

It started with friends, referrals & influencers. From there, we managed to work with an A-list celebrity from Malaysia and also get a spot in a magazine in an International Airline.

Do you believe in hard work?

Yes, hard work takes up a lot of the percentage the success equation. Luck will help you do the rest.

What are your thoughts on how Singaporeans style themselves up?

Recently, in general Singaporeans are starting to be bold in trying out the latest trends. By combining the trends with their classic/timeless pieces, they then make it their own styles curated to their own personas.

Any advices for people who wants to start their own fashion brand?

Always be 100% honest and ethical when doing business, as it speaks volume of yourself. Don’t give up and always take on the challenges head on!

Do check out Dan Lee's Instagram (@aerindree) or visit to support our local fashion brand. All photographs are taken by SquareFixed (@squarefixedphotography).

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