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Hidden Gems in Singapore for a Creative Photoshoot : Part 1

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

When you think of an insta-worthy spot in Singapore, places like Gardens by the Bay or Botanic Garden may come to mind. But, if you do choose to head down to popular photoshoot spots like those, you'd often find yourself fighting with other photo-goers and trying hard to make your shots stand out from the sea of Instagram posts of the same location.

As a photographer, my work takes me to all sorts of locations in Singapore, and here are some of my favourite off-the-beaten-path spots that I've been to!

Inspiration of the shoot:

'Quiet Japanese Town'

Obviously, we didn't have the budget to fly out to Japan, but this small provision shop along Rosyth road let us create the same sense of nostalgia. As if frozen in time, you will find this traditional mama shop and its surroundings to be a serene, rustic, and somewhat vintage sight.


Tee Seng Store

31 Rosyth Rd, Singapore 546191

Things to take note:

Do ask permission from the boss before taking photos, and do not disturb their customers since they are operating their business.

Inspiration of the shoot:

'Clean and Minimalist'

We wanted to do a shoot to showcase the model's dance moves, so a location with sharp angles and minimalist backgrounds would be perfect to juxtapose the model's poses.


Kallang Wave

1 Stadium Pl, Singapore 397628

Even though Kallang is one of a popular shooting spots, this corner is definitely not explored by many. Located just outside Kallang Wave Mall, along the exit paveway between two walls. With the correct camera angle, you can take similar

shot too.

Inspiration of the shoot:

'Abandoned School'

Anyone who watches 'Girl From Nowhere' definitely find this look iconic. We were inspired by Nanno's school girl look and wanted to create something crazy, creepy, and similar with the Netflix Series' character.


Gillman Barracks, Level 2

9 Lock Rd, Singapore 108937

Inspiration of the shoot:

'Weathered Nature'

For this shoot, we wanted to capture the feeling of melancholy, and chose to head down to this less-visited corner of Fort Canning Park. The weathered brick walls and overgrown vegetation make for some interesting compositions. You can check out the series 'Bucket of Joy' for more photos.


Fort Canning Park, Fort Canning Green

River Valley Rd, Singapore 179037

Inspiration of the shoot:

'The Summer'

We wanted to do a shoot to symbolise

summer. When it comes to summer, we can't miss out the beach and the sea. Doing a shoot with nature allows us to create something surprising and beautiful.

Check out the series 'The Summer Memories' for more photos.


East Coast Park, Marine Cove

1000 ECP, Singapore 449876

You may not consider East Coast Park a hidden gem, but Marine Cove is one of the quieter and cleaner beach in Singapore if you want to do a beach shoot.

Things to take note:

The waves might be big during the high tide, do keep yourself and the model near to the shore, and ensure your model can swim.

So which location do you like the most? Hope you got some new inspiration for your next outdoor shoot. If you like our content do like, share and comment. Do also check out our Instagram (@squarefixedphotography) or Facebook Page for more work.

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