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Inspired by 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil' with a personal twist.

The theme 'RAW' represents how every human is being born raw. The red symbolize the view of our blood which flows within our body. 

The three elements are being ​shown here as Look, Hear and Speak 

We hear using our ears - we often can't accept criticism from people, but is through hearing from other's point view about us, with the right advise, and with an open heart to accept it, we can grow even further

We look using our eyes - sometimes what we see is not what we think, do not judge things based on what you see on the surface, look at different perspectives before you make any conclusion

We speak using our mouth - we are often afraid to voice out our thoughts because we feel insecure and not worthy, but no one knows how you feel if you don't voice out, so dare to speak up and fight for yourself